A guide to asking the right user research questions (blog.maze.design)

4 months ago from Elena Luchita, Content @ maze.design

  • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, 3 months ago

    I enjoy reading articles around this topic. I struggle the most creating non-leading questions. The majority of articles I come across are more linear user paths to booking or purchasing. I deal with a lot of informational & resource sites.

    The one thing I learned was the more you get your interviewees to talk, the more information they will remember. I have been on endless sessions that the user says "I have really don't have much" then 45min later they are still talking.

    Usually, It's been

    • Tell me a little about yourself

    • What prompts you to visit the site?

    • How often would you say you go to the site?

    • What types of information are you trying to find?

    • Could you share your screen and walk me through how you found the content.

    • What was your overall experience using the site?

    • Can you tell me a time when you struggle using the site?

    • If I gave you a magic wand that you could make your life easier finding information, what would you be?

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