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over 3 years ago from Bole ★

  • Nicolas PythonNicolas Python, over 3 years ago

    While I like the visual appearance, I have some other feedback that might be helpful:

    I chose to be interested in Application designs -> Click on button on center (which is what I expect) does not work.

    Scroll to navigate. Which is a big problem here, wierdos like me use natural scroll, therefore the scroll direction is not as I would expect it. Anyway -> with a click interaction that problem would be solved.

    Platform selector: you have a strange behavior with selecting/unselecting items. Somehow i need to click outside the box to unselect something. Visual feedback not happening.

    Your list design does not show me whether i can select one or multiple elements.

    If you have a desktop resolution the price-change is really far away from where I'm working. It's not a very good thing to almost hide the feedback element. It should tell me what happens where it happens.

    If you think end2end communication with your customers. You might confront them with a price they might have never seen. Also you might need more explanation of how you create your pricing.

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