How do you like to code prototypes?

2 months ago from Anthony Irwin, Interaction Designer

  • Steve O'ConnorSteve O'Connor, 2 months ago

    There are also export plugins for Adobe XD and Sketch which work pretty well for Axure. My last use of it was knocking up a multi-section, progressive reveal, interactive donation flow. Worked a treat and only took a couple of hours.

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    • adrian ioadrian io, 2 months ago

      Yes, Axure is pretty great for those scenarios.

      I don't understand why Axure isn't used more by designers who need to work on web apps. A few of my buddies who work in enterprise organisations (i.e. lots of data and forms) have to use Invision, which is totally unsuitable for prototyping enterprise apps.

      Axure can do both simple click through demos (like Invision etc) or more sophisticated prototypes. And another benefit - Axure is a desktop app (Win & Mac) and exports to HTML.

      Axure isn't really suitable if you want to prototype UI animations, like you can in Principle or Protopie.

      I'm looking forward to the web version of Framer X - which can do both, but requires some coding skills I think, if you want to create some custom components.

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