How do you like to code prototypes?

2 months ago from Anthony Irwin, Interaction Designer

  • Max Paladii, 2 months ago

    Hey Chinmay. Could you please describe your process of prototyping in Webflow? Do you have components library or always start from scratch? Is prototype close to final UI or just a wireframe? Thanks!

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    • Chinmay Kulkarni, 2 months ago

      Depends what you're prototyping and how in depth you want to go. I've always started from scratch because I've often been testing small localised features (for example how animations will play according to the user's scroll position) — so I've never needed to go all out and use component libraries.

      In terms of process, Webflow was the step I'd take after I was confident with my design in Sketch/Figma. I used Webflow primarily to test interaction and to see if my concept would actually work on the web. So yeah it was also pretty close to the final UI.

      Once you start getting the hang of it, I'd try moving to Codepen since it's just a lot more quicker to achieve what you're after.

      Hope I answered your question!

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