How do you like to code prototypes?

2 months ago from Anthony Irwin, Interaction Designer

  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 2 months ago

    I like taking whatever the easiest and fastest path is to the goal for prototyping. That means using lots of different tools, unfortunately. I like prototypes to be small and disposable — I rarely build more than a couple of screens in the same prototype. It just gets unwieldy and you end up spending way too much time managing things.

    For HTML and CSS, I just write the production code. :)

    For figuring out and explaining animation for native apps, I typically use Principle. That will also give me the offsets and timing values, so I can let the developer know. We can then tweak the values once it’s in the running app.

    For complex single interactions and things that aren’t well suited to other tools, I’ve been writing Processing code. Processing can do pretty much anything, if you have the time, and it’s free. It’s OpenGL backed, so it’s really fast, too. I have a template I’ve created that has loads of helper functions for timing curves and other things, so bolting things together is a lot quicker than writing everything from scratch.

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