I just created a Figma Handoff tool(producthunt.com)

almost 2 years ago from Jun Li

  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, almost 2 years ago

    i'm actually curious how people are currently using Figma for handoff. how do you differentiate between what's ready for dev and what's work in progress?

    i currently have no answer for this and it's the main reason i'm sticking with sketch.

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    • Seymour ButzSeymour Butz, almost 2 years ago

      I wish there was a way to flag frames with different properties (like "ready") and then developers or anyone could filter to show only certain frames. Right now I try to keep everything that's ready in the first page of the file, and previous versions and explorations after. But where it often falls short is when you want to continue iterating on something after it's been shared; it's much easier to duplicate a frame and keep working on it there then copy it to a new page, which is not only extra work to remember to do, but loses the context of what you'd been working on up to that point.

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