Developer not following designer's design

over 6 years ago from Pizza Yap , Senior UI Designer

  • Jacob Kelley, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    I made a frontend framework comparable to Bootstrap, lets just call it Framework. This is our consolidated design.

    Every design element on a page can be boiled down to one of three classifications:

    1. The designer has created a 1-off style that can be easily replaced by the other styles we use, opt for default Framework CSS styles.

    2. The designer has created a 1-off that could easily be reused in the future, add to Framework

    3. The designer has intentionally created a 1-off that is only for a certain thing, code the CSS by hand, do not add to Framework.

    Often times, I will make the best decisions for my designers. They have good intentions, but to be honest, you should know how to design for the web by now, and opting for 978 vs 960 would make a lot of frontend devs question your motives.

    Work with your dev, your medium is wicked dynamic and it's something you'll need to feel out for yourself. Nobody is to blame, he's not insulting you, none of that.

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