Developer not following designer's design

over 6 years ago from Pizza Yap , Senior UI Designer

  • Jaeson BrownJaeson Brown, over 6 years ago

    At the core, it's an organizational issue in my opinion. Nothing uncommon but just clearer communication at the scope level. A designer - developer relationship is always delicate. Each is or should be very passionate about their job and have spent time learning tools, tricks and trades to be more proficient at it. The designer went with what was right in their opinion with the 978 grid. The developer is probably use to only developing for a 960 grid or feels that he is right in his decision.

    There should have been some communication during the scope phase to discuss what tools would be used and why. The designer would have the chance to make his or her argument for the 978 grid and there could have been a healthy debate between the team on yes or no. Designers usually win in this debate. Clearer communication is always good.

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