Free icon-set giveaway

18 days ago from Rui Sereno, Partner @

  • Dan GDan G, 15 days ago

    when i made the comment it had 0 comments and like 10 upvotes, that's a voting ring.

    it's also a classic case of an agency creating content in order to drive traffic to their site, rather than a designer creating content for the sake of that content.

    depends what kind of place you want DN to be, but imo that's not it.

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    • Rui Sereno, 15 days ago

      You can assume everything is done for the sake of traffic. But the reality is, even though it is quite nice to feel appreciated by the community, the kind of traffic we want is from prospects, more than fellow designers. And DN won't get us that. Believe it or not, it was actually an altruistic giveaway, both this one and the Handbook ;)

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      • Dan GDan G, 14 days ago

        and yet the person sharing this content and interacting with designers is the business development manager

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        • Rui Sereno, 14 days ago

          Yes, I am. But I was the one designing the icons too, that’s why I am the one sharing them.

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    • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 15 days ago

      Take what you can get I guess, this forums gone to shit anyway. Better than the numerous png aggregation duplicate sites, three-year out-of-date "trend" lists, or blog spam that's trying to come across overly academic for the sake of padding out word counts.

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