Font licensing is ill, please help heal it(

over 1 year ago from Alina Sava

  • nabeel khalidnabeel khalid, over 1 year ago

    There's plenty of choice. Smaller foundries offer competitive pricing and most have a simple commercial all license. There are some even on dafont which allow all free for personal work.

    I find this a none issure. If you want to pay for the font you pay for it. If you don't find a similar font for a better price.

    The logic is simple. There is a market to have fonts to be sold like this. Until the market changes nothing will.

    I simply push the expense on to the client and I haven't had an issue yet. In fact, no one I know in the design industry has brought up licensing as an issue. Then again i'm on designer within the world of design.

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    • Alina SavaAlina Sava, over 1 year ago

      Would you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a web font for a website or app? And pay some more hundreds and thousands when you exceed the limited pageviews?

      And market won't change without someone pointing to the elephant in the room :)

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      • nabeel khalidnabeel khalid, over 1 year ago

        Pretty sure if that was the case i'd just pay some one to design me a custom font for less, or use a free one. How do foundries enforce the page view check?

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        • Alina SavaAlina Sava, 1 year ago

          Some require scripts, some css, some other kind of tracking. Every external resource loaded is a minus for the performance of a website, and loading fonts and/or trackers externally is therefore less than ideal.

          There are sellers that do not enforce tracking, but for me it's out of the question not to pay for a license I agreed with. I wouldn't like somebody do that with my work, so I wouldn't do that to anybody else's work.

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