• Radley MarxRadley Marx, almost 2 years ago

    1) Don't depend on fullscreen to make everything fit. If it was displayed in a standard macOS window, a user probably couldn't see the Data Object tables very well (maybe one or two fields at a time). It's better to design for an average size window and then scale out.

    2) The left menu doesn't allow for real-world topic names that can have more than 8 characters. Some are lower case, others all caps. Be consistent.

    3) Data Sources and Sandbox are very close in size which can confuse the user about hierarchy (and looks bad since they're slightly misaligned).

    4) Postgres Test 1: indicator arrow over a scrollbar? No.

    5) No affordances. It's so monochrome grey I don't know what I'm supposed to do or know if it's working. Sandbox buttons look exactly like list items.

    6) Small type + mid-tone colors wouldn't pass an accessibility test.

    7) It's awkwardly generic such that it can't be reviewed for UX or product design. Try redesigning an actual enterprise screen. It will teach you a lot about hierarchy strategies and tradeoffs designers have to make.

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