• marcio_ duartemarcio_ duarte, 1 year ago

    Interesting project. This has a lot of potential for static sites.

    I miss a more complex example app, though. Or perhaps seeing it used in for a real project for example. Anyway, congrats on the launch.

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    • David MirandaDavid Miranda, 1 year ago

      Thank you!

      The example app provided (the Trello clone) is actually pretty complex as far as example apps go. However, there is a much more complex app running in production that uses Remake: https://requestcreative.com/

      That app uses several custom components (for image uploading & positioning, for example) that are built on top of Remake. They'll be generalized, extracted, and moved into the open source framework soon.

      Let me know what you think :)

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      • marcio_ duartemarcio_ duarte, 1 year ago

        The additional components make it even more interesting, for sure. Thanks for sharing the link.

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        • David MirandaDavid Miranda, 12 months ago

          Let me know if you have any projects you think could work well with this. I'd be willing to give anyone who sees this an hour of my time to help them get set up. And give my advice about how to build what they want to build (even if it's not with Remake).

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