AMA: Chris Gannon

9 days ago from Chris Gannon, Interactive Designer, Illustrator and Animator

  • Lucian .esLucian .es, 8 days ago

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks so much for posting this one. Just moved from Barcelona to London. (I know, I'm crazy)

    If I ever see some contracting opportunities for illustrators heavily invested in SVG Animations will let you know ;)

    Valid questions:

    • What's a multi-award winning designer?

    • Is it mandatory to be a multi-awarded designer to be considered "successful"? (Saw Tobias van Schneider promoting himself in a similar manner)

    • What's the difference between an award winning designer and a non award winning designer with similar work experience / projects.

    • I've won a few awards also (Facebook Hackathon FTW).

    Should I promote myself as an award winning designer?

    What do I have to gain from that if my portfolio shines and I get loads of opportunities?

    • On your homepage, why can't I click on the project thumbnails?

    • How did you get to the current structure for your portfolio page?

    • Do you track how users use your portfolio website?

    • What's your day rate?

    • Why do you have the nav bar on the bottom? It was hard for me to find the link to your work.

    • And the last one: Where can we find a list of your awards?

    Thanks so much (in advance) for answering in detail!

    Best, Lucian

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