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1 hour ago from Chris Gannon, Interactive Designer, Illustrator and Animator

  • Chris GannonChris Gannon, 28 minutes ago

    Hmm ok so the three habits I suppose that are essential to creativity are peace and quiet (I can't work in a noisy office or shared space — I need to zone in on my own). I also need to be able to work when I have an idea. That sounds obvious but when you work for someone else, you are supposed to come up with ideas between 9am and 5pm. This isn't realistic for me. I have ideas at weird-o'clock so I need to be able to get them done as soon as inspiration hits.

    Finally I would say being open to mixing things up and trying things out. Taking disparate ideas and trying to make work together is fun and can expose new paths to explore.

    The best advice I ever received I suppose was that sharing and teaching is the best way of learning. I was terrible at sharing the work I was doing and I was getting nowhere fast. The moment I started giving stuff away was the moment I started really improving.

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