AMA: Chris Gannon

8 days ago from Chris Gannon, Interactive Designer, Illustrator and Animator

  • Chris GannonChris Gannon, 8 days ago

    Yeah the scene was mainly Goa trance (my name was Polyploid but I was producing a lot of different stuff, not just trance.

    Regarding new technology and tooling — I no longer feel the need to learn the latest thing. I like to learn things when I find there's a need to learn it. I find it much easier to learn something new when I have a real world application for it. If I need 3D in the browser I'll investigate tools that can do that but I won't just pick up a tool that does that without needing to — I usually don't get anywhere fast if I do it that way.

    Having said that, I got quite excited recently about Zdog ( It's really cool and I must say I spent weeks playing around with it just for fun.

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