AMA: Chris Gannon

9 days ago from Chris Gannon, Interactive Designer, Illustrator and Animator

  • ChrisArchitec t, 9 days ago

    nice one for doing this. The notes about your old UK music history piqued my interest (goa was it?)....

    Curious what your approach to work and learning new technologies/tools/keeping up on things is?

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    • Chris GannonChris Gannon, 8 days ago

      Yeah the scene was mainly Goa trance (my name was Polyploid but I was producing a lot of different stuff, not just trance.

      Regarding new technology and tooling — I no longer feel the need to learn the latest thing. I like to learn things when I find there's a need to learn it. I find it much easier to learn something new when I have a real world application for it. If I need 3D in the browser I'll investigate tools that can do that but I won't just pick up a tool that does that without needing to — I usually don't get anywhere fast if I do it that way.

      Having said that, I got quite excited recently about Zdog ( It's really cool and I must say I spent weeks playing around with it just for fun.

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