Does anyone use InVision DSM?

1 year ago from Nick Bernian, Lets do this

  • Chris Plosaj, 1 year ago

    I'm the design system product owner for a very large company. The team has been using DSM for almost one year, and it has adequately served our needs. We have not encountered any workflow issues that have prevented us from using the platform, such as pushing updates and pulling components. However, it certainly feels a bit buggy and incomplete at times. The biggest opportunity for Invision would be to shift their focus from reinventing the wheel with Studio and instead put efforts into growing DSM to offer more functionality and customisability. There are some pretty significant limitations with the documentation layout, styling of text and 3rd party integrations. However I see this potentially improving in the future.

    Zeroheight is another platform that the team has considered. There are pros & cons with using either platform; both are very similar but ultimately we preferred InVision because of their ecosystem.

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