Comparing Frameworks: Double Diamond VS Google Sprints(

almost 2 years ago from Liz Hamburger, Designer

  • Andrew C, almost 2 years ago

    Where I work we use the double diamond. I like it because it makes clear the terms of each phase. Though one person’s idea of “divergent” could mean 2-3 problems, while to someone else it mean 20.

    Another thing either process need is an understanding of long term vision. Both processes focus on narrow slices, and risks only focusing on 1 problem along a user flow. Good experiences generally have a burden of focusing on many issues until a critical mass of user needs is fulfilled. You can/should do this in an agile way, but you need to close enough of the user flow gaps to fill user expectations. The risk here is if/when a competing problem becomes important to a department you may find yourself pressured to shift focus and this can fragmented products. One unfinished flow becomes 2, 3, 6 and you find yourself in a trap of piecemeal features.

    To make things more complex a shift in focus may also be the correct tactic given the pressures you’re facing from competition or the market. A shared vision can help teams know what to do in these areas of grey. Basecamps process solves this with concepts of appetite and scope.

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