Sketch 60 is out with a new Components Panel(

over 1 year ago from Yannic Nachname, UX/UI Designer

  • Julian H, over 1 year ago

    XD's components panel looks so much better and well organized. I'm really struggling with Bohemian's decision to use the same folder-like look for both the layers panel and the components panel.

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    • Devesh Kumar, over 1 year ago

      Agree with you. I would rather use this plugin:, which shows me a preview of all the components rather than just names.

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    • Ryan Hicks, over 1 year ago

      I don't understand your point. They are pretty similar. The main difference being XD can view the library in a list AND thumbnails whereas sketch just has a list of small thumbnails. Everything else is literally the same thing. You still have to click an extra UI button on XD to access your library components and on Sketch, you have to click a tab to access the same thing.

      I much prefer sketch's take on how you access layers and components. I hate how in XD you continually nest yourself in their layered menus. In order to look at an artboard's layers, you have to double click the artboard to even see the layers and to see another artboard's layers you have to close out then go back and find the artboard then double click to see the layers. It's stupid cumbersome and slow.

      So what's your point?

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      • Dexter W, over 1 year ago

        UXPin shows the grid view for components that people seem to like, and it requires a lot of scrolling. They solved that problem with a smart search feature and a truncated view. Just by the looks of it, Sketch has its own solution which is good too. I bet both of design teams came to similar conclusions.

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        • Ryan Hicks, over 1 year ago

          I haven't had much experience with UXPin but I'd be interested in seeing their solution. Although Julian is referencing XD not UXPin. Sketch also has search and filtering in place as well.

          I think it's a decent solution that still gives us the screen real estate that we need but also gives us better usability in interacting with components. I'm sure there could be a few tweaks to improve it, but with only 10 minutes of playing with the new update it makes sense to me. I'm not sure the point Julian is making that XD is superior when it comes to specific area. Probably just personal preference to the design and visual look of it is my guess. Which I might agree with for the most part.

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          • Dexter W, over 1 year ago

            Yeah I agree with you here. I mentioned UXPin because its used a similar approach to how XD is showing components, but has been tested with users for a longer time.

            XD can be seen as superior maybe on an initial feeling of being new but once you extend the use cases to hundreds of components, it could be different.

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