I collected 361 remote jobs for Designers(reddit.com)

8 months ago from Sergey Bogachev, MEERKAD

  • Sergey BogachevSergey Bogachev, 8 months ago

    For the very first time, the table was open and editable for everyone who has a link but two random guys literally destroyed it and post a weird image https://yadi.sk/i/f2-5gbWhOa8KNw It took some time to reverse those actions and after that, I made the table private. It's transparent now for every user of the table who in-person makes edits. Zero accidents yet.

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    • iterati designiterati design, 8 months ago

      Please make a non-editable version. Thanks for the effort!

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      • Sergey Bogachev, 7 months ago

        The table is a non-editable now)

        Only some fields can be edited. For example, on a page Сontribute, so that users can add open jobs.

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