Flash Is Responsible for the Internet's Most Creative Era(vice.com)

2 years ago from Reece Butler, Freelance Graphic Designer + Developer

  • Andy MerskinAndy Merskin, 2 years ago

    You make excellent points—and you're especially right about tutorials and learning materials being more pragmatic. I think the broader web has become more focused on solving real problems, and with the more flashy content out there (pardon the pun), most of it takes a more elegant form. Even though we do have user-friendly tools that just about on par with what Flash provided, a great deal of users aren't as focused on creating silly animations and games anymore. A lot of that charm is now gone.

    Even with tools like Tumult Hype and the like, they aren't quite the complete package that Flash offered.

    As far as games go, now video game development is more accessible than ever and indie titles that might have been Flash games 10-15 years ago are now being distributed through all of the mainstream gaming platforms, including mobile, so there's very little incentive to release a free little game on the web, when there's a chance at generating some income in that space.

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    • Reece ButlerReece Butler, 2 years ago

      Last that point is really pertinent. There isn't an incentive there anymore unfortunately. Which is understandable, but no less a shame.

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