• Chris KeithChris Keith, 5 months ago

    I can identify with this being at startups for most of my career. When I made the move to a large organization, I was shocked to learn that there was a long advancement path for those that wanted to stay on the IC track. I think this is probably unique to larger companies, like you said, but maybe this is something you could give more thought and be open to.

    Other than that you have agency work (not for everyone) consulting, or maybe starting your own lean product/service that you run yourself. If you envision yourself working on a larger team, it sounds like you don't see a path before you at your current company.

    You've done a good job in this post articulating the career path you're looking for, and if you want to be an IC long term (I'm this way), you should find a company that supports that. They are out there!

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