Juicy Mail - a brand new type of email experience (juicymail.co)

almost 2 years ago from Roman Tesliuk, Designer n Maker

  • Tom CTom C, almost 2 years ago

    Looks great, I signed up too!

    Are you actually giving the early access to people? I signed up to a competitive product of yours months ago (coincidentally also starting with J) and never got an invite.. Just not sure how it works in such projects like this, and want to have realistic expectations ;)

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    • Roman TesliukRoman Tesliuk, almost 2 years ago

      Hey Tom, Thanks for signing up! Yes, we will make sure to provide early access, once the beta version is ready. Currently, Juicy Mail is still under development and not yet ready for the beta release. High quality is a priority for us, even for the beta version. We will keep you updated on the progress via email thought :) Thank you for the question!

      All the best, Roman

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