How can product owners better support designers?

over 3 years ago from Osandi Sekoú, founder | product design

  • Kyle Greely, over 3 years ago

    Guilherme's comment is a good one. I'd just like to add: standing up for your designers, particularly in client calls/meetings. Can't tell you the number of times I've been all-but-thrown-under-the-bus in front of the client. Backing up your designer's design decisions (his/her area of expertise, after all) is really important, both for how the company looks and for your professional relationship. I automatically give 2x respect points to POs or PMs who champion design alongside me.

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    • Alison Bustos, over 3 years ago

      Definitely agree. Trusting your designer is the real deal here. I've experienced the same problem many times and I can surely say that it doesn't create a good impression.

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