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6 months ago from Rob Hope, One Page Love, Yo!

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    Hey DN!

    A few of you might know my side project One Page Love curating Single Page websites... well this year I thought I'd give Email Inspiration a bash:)

    It's super early days with ~100 emails on the site but happy with the v1 so far. The categories are quite bare but adding daily and hope in 12-18 months it will become a useful inspiration to find references:

    There is also a Newsletter Discovery section where I'm trying to spotlight great authors/newsletters within niches:

    Oh and I've decided to add a Transparency page to share setup + running costs and things if you are interest in starting a similar site:

    Any questions or feedback welcome! Hope you find some good inspo :)


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    • Barry WhiteBarry White, 6 months ago

      The discovery section is super interesting. Nice idea.

      I didn't quite get what it would be from the navbar link and related dropdown ("Why is there an 'email' category on an email inspiration website – surely everything is email?

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      • Rob Hope, 6 months ago

        Thanks Barry! The Discovery section really has received a great response. I think over time it will be quite useful (filters and things).

        You are 100% right about the dropdown, super confusing, it should say "Email Marketing" (but then doubles up a bit with the "Marketing" category). I've actually been thumping my head against the wall with categories on One Page Love for 10 years, quite tricky!

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      • Rob Hope, 6 months ago

        Sorted! (thanks for the nudge)

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    • Lukas Majzlan, 5 months ago

      It's great to have this kind of source of inspiration! Keep it up!

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      • , 5 months ago

        Cheers Lukas!

        Still early days with ~100 emails (compared to One Page Love with 7000 over 11yrs) but if I keep adding daily it'll turn into quite a useful resource:)

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