Dealing with condescending colleagues?

6 months ago from Igor Pascoal, Product Designer

  • Andrew C, 6 months ago

    I work primarily in tech companies. Most troublesome interpersonal issues I’ve seen were based on poor communication. These were overcome by integrating teams together and breaking down “ownership” silos. Work together and be candid.

    The other disfunction was personality driven. This usually ends in termination. There are a few flavours of this: the main one being when someone simply doesn’t value others input in the process or sees it as a burdensome obstacle to realizing their own vision (and the “vision” almost always poorly defined).

    On the opposite end of the spectrum there is the victim that is always being excluded. That never seems to get their just rewards from the team. Both personalities aren’t communicating effectively and manifest it aggressively or passively. Both are toxic. The second maybe moreso due to the subtlety of it. Less obvious to fix. Both require a metaphorical boot in the ass. But usually it’s not a great fit. Good balanced minds generally enjoy working together.

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