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4 years ago from Jeffrey Zeldman, Principal, Creative Director

  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 4 years ago

    damn...did i miss you?

    no new question here anyhow, just wanted to say thanks for all you've done for the past 2 decades or more now... can't even begin to tell you how much it's all appreciated :)

    I had the opportunity to meet you WAY back when, at AIGA in Miami, at the Eden Roc... I think we spoke a few times, and I was the one that spotted you that first night as you were checking in... i confess, as a design geek, the main reason I even went to that event was to get chance to chat with you and see your presentation...

    and damn..I still tell people about it to this day.

    as i recall, there was some kind of technical glitch, and things weren't working right, so you just started talking to us.... i think it opened up with 'so i was out scoring some crack, and left my baby in the back of the car...and the car was stolen..'

    DAMN.... did that ever get everyone's attention.

    it was an excellent introduction into the idea of having your website tell a proper story...and it definitely made a huge impression.

    anyhow, once again...thanks for everything Jeffery. From the first moment I saw 'steal these icons' and the ad graveyard, i've been a huge fan :)

    cheers Tyson

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    • Jeffrey Zeldman, 4 years ago

      I remember you very well. You asked about my mom, who had recently passed away. How are you doing? :)

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      • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 4 years ago

        :) you wouldn't believe the grin on my face right now... so happy to be remembered :)

        I'm doing just great!

        My wife and I (when we met, we'd only been married a year or two) just celebrated our 20th-anniversary last week. My kids are both teenagers now.

        I'm with quite a few of the same people I was working with back when we meet at AIGA, doing software design and consulting... the work has been very rewarding, as I've gotten to learn UI/UX over the years, and am able to balance both the Creative Director work (marketing, brand etc) of the company, along with doing some UI/UX work on our product line which has been a tremendous amount of fun.

        How about yourself? How's the family?

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