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4 years ago from Jeffrey Zeldman, Principal, Creative Director

  • Justine Shu, 4 years ago

    Hey Jeffrey! What are your favourite website designs right now?

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    • Jeffrey Zeldman, 4 years ago

      Hi, Justine. Thanks for asking.

      A site my Special Projects team at Automatic is finishing for Om Malik is one of my favorite web designs at the moment, but it hasn’t launched yet, so I can’t share it with you. ;)

      I’m a sucker for good editorial design on the web. From a pure web-layout-appreciation point of view, I loved the first time I saw it. To me it seemed to be a refined marker in the evolution of editorial article page and blog post page design that a lot of us had been working on for nearly two decades at the time. It was readable, which means not just legible but actually engaging. It used big type and type hierarchy very well, and presented authors with great but simple choices to tell their stories effectively. 

      I loved it in 2013 the same way I loved Douglas Bowman’s “Minima” theme for in 2003. It had the same “understated state of the art” quality to it: not the shiniest and newest radical new thing, but rather a refinement of all the best things that were already out there. 

      For innovation and outside-the-box thinking, I love where Jen Simmons is taking web layouts in her Experimental Layout Lab.  (Scroll well below the fold on most screens to see her demos for 2019, intro to CSS Grid, studies on flexibility, overlap, viewport, whitespace, and much more.) If you’re a front-ender who designs as well as codes, Jen Simmons’s Lab should be your № 1 bookmark for new ideas in web layout.

      Also for coding designers, designer/consultant/type futurist and author Jason Pamental publishes a newsletter on web typography which is well worth subscribing to and in which he has begun designing demos of what we can now do with variable fonts and modern CSS.

      There is so much great work being done right now—and so much work looks like so much other work—that it’s hard to pick favorites. For pure visual pleasure and usability, I still love That is, I love the actual site (how it looks and works) as well as the incredible work it showcases.

      And of course, when seeking design inspiration, a great place to start is always Designer News. ;)

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