Niching down as a Designer and launching my own site(

over 1 year ago from Sumit Hegde, SaaS Website Designer

  • Sacha GreifSacha Greif, over 1 year ago

    Nice but you should probably get rid of the "floating" effect. It doesn't really serve any purpose, makes it harder to read the content, and is not something that I as a SaaS owner and potential customer would want on my own site.

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    • Sumit Hegde, over 1 year ago

      Hi Sacha, thanks for the feedback. Big fan of your work (Sidebar is my favorite newsletter).

      I thought the effect was subtle enough to not distract readers from the content. I do think it serves a purpose though: adds a little life to the website and makes the long form content a little more digestible.

      But I'll see how I can tone it down, especially on mobile :)

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