Stop Misusing Toggle Switches(

4 months ago from anthony thomas, ux designer

  • Andrew C, 4 months ago

    I’ve done testing w toggle switches and checkboxes. On web people seem to get confused by a toggle switch. I think because it looks like a physical slider and not something you “click”. I’d recommend checkboxes there as a rule of thumb. There’s something weird about “clicking” with a mouse cursor on a toggle switch. It’s big and clunky. In one usability benchmark I conducted years ago many users were trying to hold the toggle and “drag” it over to the right/left. I guess because it has a physical slide thing going on it was inviting that behaviour

    For iPhone the interaction model (touchscreens) I feel the opposite is true. With our big meaty fingers as the tool rather than a mouse cursor a sliding toggle has a more natural feel — direct manipulation of an object w our physical body (I believe this is why iOS recommends it — based on the principle of direct manipulation their system adheres to).

    Good food for thought. Always Be Benchmarkin’.

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