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almost 4 years ago from Jon Darke, Product Design Manager @ LifeWorks

  • Barbara M.Barbara M., almost 4 years ago

    I never stayed at a company for more than 2.5 years, the thought of working more than 5 years for the same company/product scares me, it just sounds boring. But it really depends, I left some companies because I wanted to try something different. I left others because I clearly wasn't learning anything anymore. Now that I've done my experience, and I know what I care about, if the product is a really good product and the team is great I'd be more than happy to stay as long as possible. Now a different thing is happening to me: I'm in my 'I want to help the planet' phase, and my criteria to define what's an interesting job opportunity have slightly shifted. I need a good team, a good product, a clear growth path but also a sense of purpose. I need to know I'm not just making rich people richer. Work in progress.

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