Drama - the ultimate all-in-one UI design tool. (drama.app)

2 years ago from Jorge Martins, Designer at Mindera

  • Mike AntonicMike Antonic, 2 years ago

    Imagine Sketch, Principle and After Effects combined into a single app.

    You can draw your designs directly in Drama, then turn them into very high-fidelity, animated prototype that you can play with, also directly in Drama.

    Drama automatically creates Magic Move (a la Keynote) animations for transitions between various screens of your prototype. However, you can heavily customize these animations with a built-in timeline editor. If you wish, you can even customize animation of individual attributes of individual layers.

    Unlike most other tools, Drama supports rotating, placing and animating layers in 3D space.

    These and other features allow you to create interactive, very high-fidelity prototypes that are impossible to create in other tools.

    Here is a video of a few simple examples made in Drama: https://vimeo.com/348849248/65c1e49028

    And there is more, please sign up for the beta and see for yourself.

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    • Andy Dent, 2 years ago

      Mike, is there any code generation? I would expect that from the makers of Paintcode but you didn't mention it. Especially for animation, anything that lacks code is a non-starter in 2019.

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