• Nacho García , 1 year ago

    Hi Dexter! thanks for following Hadron :) We're working full-time on it since we started a little bit more than 2 years ago. You're right that we could be going faster, but we're not worried about timing. We want to make an impact in the industry. Because of that, we don't hesitate to change whatever it takes. Our last 0.13 release affected ~40% of the project (which is 110k lines of front code ATM)

    Also, consider that these tools take a tremendous amount of effort to be done right! Figma, for instance, took 3 years to release a preview version. We did that in 1.

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    • Dexter W, 1 year ago

      thanks for responding. That’s amazing. I’m sorry for misunderstanding your product cycle and didn’t realize how much effort you are putting in. :)

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