• Ryan DeBeasi, 8 months ago

    This looks awesome! A few questions:

    • I noticed a GitHub link on your homepage. It goes to an organization with no repos. Are you planning to open-source part or all of Relate?
    • Tools like Alva and react-sketchapp treat code as the "source of truth" for a design system and pull it into design tools. (See Painting with Code for more context.) Is Relate intended to be the "source of truth" for a design system, or is there a two-way sync that can "push to" and "pull from" code?
    • Where do you think the "source of truth" for a design system should live? The design tool, the code, the docs - maybe someplace else entirely?

    There's so much innovation happening in design system tooling right now. Relate looks like a really cool addition, and I can't wait to see how it evolves!

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    • Eden Vidal, 8 months ago

      Hello Ryan! Thank you for the warm words! Some fair questions you got there.

      We're not sure if we'll offer Relate as a self-hosted solution. We do plan to open-source parts of Relate since we created some solutions that others might benefit from, like our design system.

      I think the current paradigm-shifting in design tools is that we now understand that the tools should get closer to the development environment and manipulate it directly. Unlike the existing tools, that built primarily for ideation, a new category of "production" tools is rising, because creating the actual living thing makes a lot more sense.

      Therefore, I believe the code is the source of truth for a design system since this is what eventually applied to the actual product.

      So yes, we do aim to become the tool that runs "the source of truth." Eventually, you will be able to sync your components library using GIT and use it as a dependency in another codebase. And yes, importing is something that we're working on and built the foundation to support it. We see this as two challenges: 1. The ability to export the code, and then, when it changes on the other side it syncs back in Relate (two-ways) 2. The ability to handle external code-component libraries and use them as a dependency in a Relate project. Imagine Storybook, with the ability to compose with the components in real-time. (like Framer, but in the browser). Will love to know your thoughts on this.

      Please DM me your email, and I'll send you an invite!

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