Which Mac is the best for product design?

4 years ago from Marc Edwards, Founder at Bjango

  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 4 years ago

    I think the bad news is that you should buy what you can afford, and that’ll change depending on your situation.

    My main take away is if you use Figma, getting a dedicated GPU MacBook Pro is probably worth it. If you use other tools, it’s probably not worth it.

    If you use Sketch, Photoshop or Affinity Designer, getting more CPU cores is probably worth it. Don’t bother with the dedicated GPU though.

    As for memory… 16GB is probably fine. 32GB is nice. More than 32GB probably isn’t worth it for product design work (and not possible on Mac laptops anyway).

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    • Liam StanleyLiam Stanley, 4 years ago

      Can you test InVision Studio? I use it, and very slow on my Mac =]]

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      • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 4 years ago

        I uninstalled it after I caught it doing something I found a bit… not nice. If I get a chance I’ll give it a test though.

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        • Matthew O'ConnorMatthew O'Connor, 4 years ago

          not nice


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          • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 4 years ago

            I hadn’t run the app for ages. A few seconds after I launched it, an email from InVision landed in my email inbox (I can’t remember exactly what it said). I assume this means they’re tracking launches and other usage, sending that data to their servers, and triggering emails and other things based on events. Other companies have done worse, but I’m getting pretty tired of privacy violations. I just don’t need that stuff in my life.

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            • Mauricio Paim, 4 years ago

              I am glad you mentioned that, I had the same impression one day, and since that day I decided I would move away from Invision.

              Told that to my manager and was able to get an all in from the team to migrate to Figma.

              1 year later, everyone is happy. Figma might be collecting a lot of stuff, but to be honest is not being invasive, instead seems they keep improving. Just my own opinion not about the tool, but agreeing with the feeling on privacy violations.

              Thanks for the reports as well, nice to have

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            • Steve O'ConnorSteve O'Connor, 4 years ago


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            • Jeff CouturierJeff Couturier, 4 years ago

              Things like this are exactly why I will always use LittleSnitch on my macs. Not cool, InVision.

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