Freebie: Bamburgh UI Kit(

8 months ago from Horia Simon, UX Designer

  • Joel Sinnott, 8 months ago

    does anyone actually use UI kits?

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    • Craig Garner, 8 months ago

      No, no one ever. That's why you see hundreds of them for sale.

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      • Horia Simon, 7 months ago

        Why wouldn't you use it? Let's say you have an app built with Bootstrap. If you apply the styles from this ui kit, you'll have a new design over your regular elements.

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      • Joel Sinnott, 5 months ago

        Admittedly, I didnt click the link and assumed it was just another one of these masturbatory cookie cutter sketch kits that get uploaded to dribbble a hundred times a day. Hence my stupid impulsive comment.

        Was my initial comment dumb and dismissive, yes. Does your follow up comment make you come off like a bit of a cunt, also yes.

        Call it even.

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