GitHub for photos. Create the stock photos together.(

7 months ago from Nastya Grebneva, Icons8 Community manager

  • Dan GDan G, 7 months ago

    It's more that people are disingenuous with it.

    "I worked on this and I'm really happy with it" is better than "Oh wow this is cool, I'd totally use this!" when in fact you worked on it.

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    • Ivan Braun, 7 months ago

      Agree. Will do! I mean, I'm doing it already (with all my messages in this thread); will talk to some of our teams on one of the standups.

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      • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, 6 months ago

        Thanks for taking the time to respond here Ivan. I don't speak on behalf of Designer News, im just a regular ol' user, but I saw the pattern with icons8 posts and wanted to call it out.

        I have no problem with people sharing work they are proud of, and people working together is an amazing thing, but it would be better declare affliction, as Greg D has said.

        And yes, DN as a whole needs some better quidelines and moderation. I like the way product hunt works for many things, but again, I don't have a say in any of that here.

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        • Ivan Braun, 6 months ago

          Many thanks for the kind words! We took a lesson here, spoke about it already. Will do.

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