• Jason LiJason Li, 12 months ago

    It's great you want to eventually learn the UX process as well. While you're learning to design beautiful interfaces, do not dismiss the user experience as well. While you don't have to go through all the UX steps, just be considerate about how somebody will be interacting with your work. You don't want to be strictly a person that can design pretty interface— there's tons of people on Dribbble that do that.

    Your real value will come when you can bridge your work to the product and business goals. UI design is just the first step. https://uxdesign.cc/the-best-designers-are-business-strategists-a02ee6ec5db9

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    • Abdulrahman JarallahAbdulrahman Jarallah, 11 months ago

      Well said!

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    • Ron Norse, 12 months ago

      Hey Jason, Thanks for sharing the article—definitely agree with connecting design with business goals for career longevity and value.

      I will be going into the UX process in its entirety eventually, I guess my approach was baby steps. Starting with learning about UI, UI patterns and all the elements involved. I thought that my current skillset would allow me to pick the UI stuff up fairly quickly, and then I can move into the rest gradually.

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