• Abdulrahman JarallahAbdulrahman Jarallah, 11 months ago
    • I like Erik's newsletter for UI design: http://erikdkennedy.com/. He has an online course but I don't know how good it is. But I do like how thorough his articles/emails are https://learnui.design/blog.

    • One of my favorite design writers is Frank Chimero https://frankchimero.com/. I don't think I'd describe him as only UI designer since he also designs books and illustrates.

    • I benefited a lot from graphic design books written by/about leading graphic designers such as Massimo Vignelli, Saul Bass and Paul Rand. Yes, they didn't design UIs but their though processes are very inspiring. I learned the importance of grids and type from Massimo. Again, you'll get people saying grids aren't important in the age of many screen sizes but I do believe it's a good place to start. You might already be a master in grids and colors and that gives you a great head start.

    • Leaning UI design differs between people. I learn by doing so picking up a project you want to work on might be the way. Or you can take a short course to help you get comfortable in UI design.

    • You'll find so many resources on the internet just try to pick one and stick with it.

    • I find Google material design guidelines to be amazingly detailed for mobile apps and general UI tips. https://material.io/design/foundation-overview/.

    • Also, Apple's design guideline is good intro in mobile UI design. They updated their guidelines from when I looked at them years ago. https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/ios/overview/themes/

    I hope you find what I posted above helpful. Best of luck and please don't hesitate to ask.

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    • Ron Norse, 11 months ago

      Thanks Abdul, a pretty extensive list that will take a bit of time for me to get through! Massimo is a designer I admire as well, and in the same lense as yourself.

      I learn by doing as well, and I do have a project in mind which is an app re-design of an app that I use, but has not been updated since inception (years ago). Do you have any tips or resources on where I could start a project like this?

      I have done an evaluation of the app currently, I need to do the website which has many more features. I also have access to a community of people that I could survey to create user journey maps etc. but every time I think of where to start I get a bit overwhelmed and put if off to start later

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