• Fred SimmonsFred Simmons, 5 months ago

    $100 for Sketch felt cheap. But $100/year for UI changes and updates that I don't really use is a little annoying (still worth it but...). Couple that with the thousands I've spent using InVision since 2015, and I'm ready to trial Figma.

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    • Andrew C, 4 months ago

      I don't see why us paying way too much for InVision (me too btw :( ) is on Sketch to solve. They should charge nothing so InVision (a company that is trying to compete with them now) can gouge us?

      Figma is more $$$ than Sketch, and has a less forgiving Saas model. I support both, since paying for software you use daily seems the the proper thing to do to me, and both pricing models are quite reasonable.

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