• Josh McKenzieJosh McKenzie, 5 months ago

    Affinity Designer is a good tool for UI design. It has excellent type tools (including styles), symbols, constraints (a way of anchoring objects to other objects) and artboards. The latest version finally added arrowheads - a long-requested feature previously missing.

    However, it does not have a plug-in system or prototyping tools. You won't find as many resources (wireframe libraries, tutorials) for UI design in Affinity Designer compared to Sketch.

    My impression is that Affinity Designer is more popular in use as an illustration tool.

    If community and a large eco-system of add-ons and libraries is important to you, then Sketch beats Affinity Designer. But if that isn't a concern, then Affinity Designer is a perfectly good tool for UI design.

    I would recommend recreating one of your Sketch designs in Affinity Designer. It will give you an idea of whether Affinity Designer has all the tools you need and whether the workflow feels ok.

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