• Kristjan Gomboc, 7 months ago
    1. In our department 10. additional 8 spread across the company and a lot more with external agencies. If considering only digital (software and services).

    2. Design Leads, UX Designers, Visual Designer, User Researcher, UX Manager ... In our deparment, we have a flat hierarchy. All report to me legally, but mostly the Design Leads are coordinating work on projects. The other 8 are embedded in product/sales teams.

    3. With other departments, we either fully support (internal agency style), pair up with the embedded designers or sometimes even just support coordination of externals. Depends on project. We have different co-working models. . Overall semi-centralized setup.

    4. Company size as of last month: 29k globally. The exact dev:design ratio would be hard to know since a lot of the dev is done externally and I don't have the exact numbers there. But my best guess would be a 1:20 ration. Heavily working on improving that :)

    Btw we are a hardware product company. Software and Services are new for us but envolving fast.

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