Affinity Publisher has finally launched

over 2 years ago from Mick N, Freelancer

  • Paul Bunyar, 2 years ago

    Affinity is doing some great work. At work I will be stuck with Adobe.

    I know everyone probably has a wish list for Affinity. Mine would be to not make Designer more like Sketch/XD, but make a separate Sketch/XD like app. I would also like a Dreamweaver replacement as well as a chart app that could replace the clunky old chart function in Adobe Illustrator.

    I do plan to purchase Publisher soon and get a personal start at unsubscribing to my design life.

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    • Matt KMatt K, 2 years ago

      Managed to get Affinity Photo for the whole organisation. Lots of people needed image editing tools, but the company couldn't afford to spend thousands a month on CC subscriptions.

      When I told them volume licenses were about £12/year, they were like "Why are we even having this conversation? Just buy it for everyone!"

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      • Mauricio Paim, 2 years ago

        I am always happy to hear this sort of story. Here at my company we had to pay Sketch + Invision for a team of 50 people, it was fucking expensive. We migrated to free Figma, I got a raise.

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      • Corin EdwardsCorin Edwards, 2 years ago

        I can only imagine their roadmap must include a sketch competitor too.

        Taking on Adobe they have the opportunity to challenge an incumbent ripe for disruption. But taking on Bohemian Coding (and Figma) is another thing.

        They're lean, and at the top of their game.

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    • Arthur Simon, 2 years ago

      My personal wishlist for Affinity is a Lightroom Classic replacement.

      I have Sketch but I don't mind an Affinity version for it.

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