We need to calm our technology down(imaginarycloud.com)

almost 2 years ago from John Doe

  • Joseph BarrientosJoseph Barrientos, almost 2 years ago

    TLDR; people need to learn how to set their notification preferences. designers, make it easier to find. got it.

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    • Philip A, almost 2 years ago

      A crucial point the author makes is that notifications should be more opt-in vs opt-out. Finding the preferences is one thing, but if notifications were opt-in, the need to find preferences is greatly diminished.

      I really like the idea of opt-in notifications for "non-crucial" type alerts. Having someone like an Instagram photo from 4 years ago probably doesn't need a notification. That should probably be opt-in. But someone sending you a DM should probably be opt-out.

      Better defaults is what will work better here, not just making it easy to find preferences/settings. It also means that if you send fewer notifications, the ones that get sent will be more likely to be actioned/opened.

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    • Frédéric AudetFrédéric Audet, almost 2 years ago

      Step 1 UX makes the notifications preferences better.

      Step 2 UX feels good about it, yay!

      Step 3 A PM notices a slight decrease in conversions.

      Step 4 Product growth is mandated to investigate, and recommends hiding notifications somewhere.

      Step 5 Go back to Step 1.

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      • Joseph BarrientosJoseph Barrientos, almost 2 years ago

        my favorite is when marketing gets the green light to push important messages and ends up spamming users almost instantly with nonsense

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