How to reduce Sketch file size(

4 months ago from Artyom Vasyukhin, Designer at RiverCity

  • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 4 months ago

    Switch to Figma.


    Honestly though - this is one thing I don't miss about Sketch... Local files and sluggish performance on larger project files.

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    • oli ingram, 4 months ago

      I literally came here to make the same joke. Not even a joke though, figma is great for this reason and more.

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    • Roben Kleene, 4 months ago

      Can you backup your design assets with Figma? E.G., what if you logged in one day and an important file was missing, how would you handle this? (I’ve never used Figma, I’m curious how people think about this for a web service.)

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