• Andrei Rac, 11 days ago

    For me it's little flashes/lines of light, I usually get them if I keep the screen brightness too high (or looking at any light source that is too intense).

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    • Ken Em, 11 days ago

      Flashes are usually a sign of a retinal issue. I would recommend seeing a retina surgeon.

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      • Andrei Rac, 10 days ago

        It's mainly just like the blue field entoptic phenomenon described in the video.

        I did check with a specialist when it started (although an optometrist, not a retina surgeon). After some tests she couldn't find anything wrong...no new symptoms since then, so hopefully she was right.

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        • Ken Em, 10 days ago

          Ok good, but it's something to keep on top of. In my case, I have flashes in my left eye as a result of my PVD, where the vitreous is tugging very slightly on the retina. When that happens, it manifests itself as an electrical signal which the brain interprets as a flash of light. The ultimate danger is if the flashes increase or worsen, that could be a sign of a retinal detachment starting.

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