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over 2 years ago from Sean Fitzmartin, UX Designer @ Electronic Arts

  • Matthew O'ConnorMatthew O'Connor, over 2 years ago

    Could you explain your "separate iteration with production" workflow in abstract or have any decent articles about it?

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    • Musavvir Ahmed, over 2 years ago

      Mattew O'Connor, I'm pretty certain Dexter W is referring to the standard 'git workflow'. Just google the last two words.

      Interestingly seldom us designers will follow that or any standardized branching format and we'll just create branches and sub-branches as we seem fit. We usually wing it in Abstract, don't we?

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      • Dexter W, over 2 years ago

        Hey Musavvir,

        I get ya. It’s really easy to get a little messy in Abstract, especially if no one is in charge of maintenance if component libraries. A lot of designers also find it too complicated. But once you realize the power of the git flow, it’s hard to go back.

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    • Dexter W, over 2 years ago

      Hi Matthew, somehow I had missed this message. My flow works like this:

      I work closely with product managers and designers to iterate different designs through commits. Exploratory work stays in that phase. We work in short iterative cycles.

      Developers and other stakeholders who are mainly focused on the deliverables are only are trained to look at Master designs for production work, which means they don’t need to fuss with all our messy creative work behind the scenes in the commit cycle.

      I have all my designs validated through the commit phase with the active stakeholders who shape the product, and then when we’re ready with designs that we have thought through, we push those changes to the Master file.

      This is not the perfect workflow, but one I found works pretty well.

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