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10 months ago from Andrew Ciobanasiu, Designer

  • Mike Wilson, 10 months ago

    I think there’s been a massive misunderstanding here based around the “pro” naming.

    The MacBook Pro has become so popular people think of it as a prosumer machine...however this Mac Pro is truly a “Pro” machine, there’s nothing Prosumer about it. If you are just dabbling in 3D rendering you are not a pro.

    You will be completely fine with an upgraded iMac or Mac mini or MacBook Pro or even the iMac Pro if you want to get crazy.

    If things like the ability to natively edit RAW 6K ProRes with Live Color correction and is of no benefit to you....why would you even think of buying a machine like this??

    It’d be like if you wanted to just try your hand at film production and bought a $40,000 RED camera (professional film gear) instead of a used canon 5D mark iii (prosumer film gear).

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    • Michael FMichael F, 10 months ago

      why would you even think of buying a machine like this??

      Because so many "Pros" won't be able to accept that this machine just isn't for them... I worry we'll see creative pros taking out loans to fund a machine that they'll then use for designing logos for startups and watching Netflix.

      People are so angry about the price because they want it, even though they literally have no use for its power.

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