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almost 2 years ago from Pinaki Panda, Founder - Homer

  • J H, almost 2 years ago

    I see where you are going for. A can imagine a couple of use cases where you'd use a draft version of your wordpress website or drupal or whatever, but I'll give feedback assuming there is a need.

    First how I'd like it to 'magically' work:

    • I'll enter a link to my landingspage, or a landingpage that looks enough like what I want to recreate.

    • Then your tool parses the HTML, and turns that whole page into a your edit-able fields.

    • Then there is some way to export these texts in a way that the rest of the team can work with it. Let's say for now a simple .txt file where someone can quickly do copy & paste.

    • Each item gets a label (you can change by hand). It get's a default label that makes sense. Like heroblocktop, heroblocksub_text, etc. If it comes from imported HTML, you might be able to use the class names to make sane defaults.

    Some potential other features:

    • A history of changes to the text.

    • A feedback tool.

    I think you are competing with: Google Docs, plain word files, wordpress/other CMS. The potential unique thing is that you can show texts in context, and with a pure focus on the copywriter. So you best would be to get into context with people who do that for a living.

    For the more technical inclined, they would just download the HTML and make changes straight into the HTML to see the changes (or use 'inspect' in browser). So those are not your audience.

    I'm not doing much with the project at the moment, but I spent quite some time thinking about a UX tool, where one of the features would be something like you're trying to do; show and edit texts in context for the early stages.

    'A true ux tool'

    And then a whole bunch of articles here:

    It's fun project, try to see how far you can take it!

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    • Pinaki Panda, almost 2 years ago

      Hey J H, thank you for taking the effort to reply.

      The workflow you have suggested is quite similar to what Landingpagr actually does. The only difference is that while what you are suggesting should be able to parse any page, LandingPagr has a static structure. Since most landing pages use the same oft-repeating blocks such as hero, features, pricing, faqs etc, I felt a static structure should be sufficient for most use cases.

      You are right; the current approach is to compose copy using text-editors or CMSs. However, the problem with text-editors is the inability to visualise the page thus limiting the coherence and flow of messaging. With CMSs and HTML, design and coding takes centre stage while focus shifts from copy, in my experience. LandingPagr is thus supposed to bridge this gap.

      Your project sounds interesting; I will check it out.

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