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10 months ago from Andrei Rac, Sr. Designer

  • Nikola DurkanNikola Durkan, 10 months ago

    I'm interpreting this as a command line with a GUI layer. I can see the appeal of that in some cases but for the most part, it seems like it will have the same hurdles as most smart assistance. They are a bit of a black box and it's very hard to know what they can or can't do and what the correct syntax is. Having to constantly consult the "more actions" for each new application/function seems like a bit of a pain. Especially on an OS level, there are so many commands and action that you can do at any time, the list would be absolutely massive.

    Another thing that is very unclear is how you would actually access files. At some point, I will have to browse my files since most applications or functions tend to generate new files (word processors produce text files, image editors create images, etc). For example, I want to send some photos to my colleague, I have to find the photos somehow and maybe they are massive RAW files so I want to zip them. How do I find and select the photos I want to send? I can sort of imagine how the zip/compress would work but where does the resulting file end up? And after it is sent, will the zip be deleted or does it just sit somewhere on the hard drive where I can't see it?

    Sounds like a cool concept and I like the focus on flow and simplification. I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes out of this but as it stands right now, as with most concepts, the more you look at it the more questions it generates :)

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